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hey, it's me. i LOVE animals of every shape and size. i've been a dog owner for 13 years, cat owner for 14 years, bird owner for 1 year, and a fish owner for about 10 years off and on. i know that it's not on here but i'm soon going to be joining the reptile owner category too. i currently have 8 pets. we have 4 cats, Charlie, Colorado, Nikkita, and Dakota. we also have a 2 dogs, Gizmo and Jasper. we also have two birds, Pixie and Jayla. last, we have like 20 small fish. all of these pets have their own stories to tell and i'll probably add them when i have the time. but in short i'll just tell you that Charlie is my baby and i've had him for a very long time. we always say that Charlie and Colorado are married and that it's a good thing that they are both fixed or else we would have a whole lot of kittens. Oh, speaking of kittens, we just got a new addition to our family: Dakota. He's adorable but also a little demon! he'll be attacking your foot then fall asleep on the spot. it's very funny, actually. Nikkita is a kitten forever and has more energy than she knows what to do with. Nikkita and Gizmo are like brother and sister for they always get in fights but at the end of the day they're best friends. Gizmo is a ball of teeth, fur, claws, and energy. he really is still a puppy and wow! he certainly knows it. he's and eski-pom(or pomimo if you prefer) by the way. Jasper is a pain in the butt sometimes but we still love him! all of our pets were rescued in some sort of way so, again, they have tons of stories!

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