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Our mission is to provide enriching services that promote awareness and
help alleviate animal cruelty through instilling the value of our
wildlife and environment.
Beaumont Exotics is fully dedicated to improving the lives of animals by
providing complete care through regular Veterinary Treatment, Nutritious
Zoological Diets, Spacious Enclosures, Environmental Enhancement and
Training Through Positive Reinforcement.

Through these proactive animal encounters we strive to inspire future conservation efforts and RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP. Our staff have been responsibly caring for exotic and native wildlife in the state of Texas under the supervision of our Veterinarians for over 10 years. Our
animals consist of non releasable wildlife, unwanted pets, and captive
bred animals. Our handlers include Veterinary Technicians, licensed
volunteer Wildlife Rehabilitators, state permitted (Texas Parks &
Wildlife) and federally (U.S.D.A.) licensed individuals. Including an
experienced network of fosters and volunteers. Together with guidance
from our Veterinarian we are honored to provide complete care to a wide
variety of animals.

We are strong supporters of Conservation
Through Captive Propagation but do not believe all exotic animals should
kept as pets. Exotic pets should Not be used as a status symbol or
means for bragging rights. Exotic animals should be respected for what
they are, Wild Animals! Wild animals are completely unpredictable in
their behavior and only experienced and educated people should be around
Our objective is to give our area (South East Texas)
that currently has limited exotic pet resources, a place where people
can find experienced service providers, educational information and
reputable/ licensed breeders, and to assist in placing unwanted animals.
We understand that adopting a rescued exotic animal is not the best
option for everyone. Beaumont Exotics has NEVER and will Never use ANY
rescues, owner releases, re-homes or animals that are being
rehabilitated for breeding purposes! Please understand that you must be
USDA licensed to breed, sell, broker or exhibit ANY Exotic mammal in the
USA! Its the law~!
Certain exotic animals and native wildlife
require permits and/or licenses to own. Some of these licenses and/or
permits are not intended for private pet owners. Each individual city,
state and county have laws governing the ownership of exotic animals.
Some areas do not allow certain exotic animals at all. It is your
responsibility to research the laws that govern your area. You will need
to check your local city, county and state animal control and wildlife
agencies to see what regulations govern your area. Please keep in mind
that exotic animal ownership laws change on a regular basis and are
becoming stricter as we speak! Finding these regulations can be
difficult. We have provided a list of links and numbers on our websites
resources page to help you. ***Remember you can have your animals
confiscated and face stiff fines if you violate these laws! We will ask
to see proof of proper permitting before we discuss the adoption of our

Licensed, Texas Parks & Wildlife Permitted, Veterinary Inspected
Animals and Facility, Texas State Registered, Deficiency Free Facility.

Beaumont Exotics is a vital public resource providing licensed exotic pet services:
Groom & Board,
Educational Programs,
Low Cost Veterinary Visits,
Microchip Monitoring,
Gulf Coast Hurricane Evacuation Assistance For Exotic Animals,
Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-homing of Exotic and Native Wildlife.

Beaumont Exotics is a privately owned, volunteer based organization
that does not operate for personal profit. All contributions earned from
our programs are invested into the care of our animals and assists our
rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing efforts. We have always had a soft
spot for animals in transition and of course the ill, neglected and
abused that so often fall victim to impulse buyers and the ever growing
exotic pet trade. We strive to rehabilitate and permanently place these
animals with the best possible homes. Our efforts have been very
successful, we have placed animals with Zoos, Wildlife Refugees, Safari
Parks, Specialty Rescue Facilities and other licensed-reputable handlers
who are educated in caring for exotic and native wildlife.

We operate a NO KILL rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing service and have been doing so as a family for over 10 years. Released animals are
immediately quarantined to prevent the spread of communicable diseases,
infections and parasites. Then are thoroughly assessed by a director.
During this evaluation they receive required vaccinations, preventatives
and are spayed or neutered if seen necessary for that animals age,
health and species. During this time they are assessed for temperament
and adoption availability. If an animal is aggressive, ill or has
special needs they will often have permanent placement here at Beaumont
Exotics unless provisions are made to place the animal in professional
care. We are extremely thorough in our search for placement of the
animals that are intrusted into our care. We verify
licensing-permitting, Vet. care and preform home or facility visits to
ensure that proper husbandry will be provided. Also keeping close
communication with our adopters to ensure complete success in that
animals permanent placement. IF an animal that is adopted from us for
whatever reason cannot be kept by said adopter, the animal must be
returned to us as agreed upon in our adoption contract. Violation of
this contract will lead to seizure of the animal and/or legal action.
Most applicable species are micro-chipped with our information!

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Beaumont, Texas, United States



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