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I have been rehabilitating injured and baby wild birds since I was a young child, (along with Dad's help back then), they have just always had the nack of finding me. I have rehabilitated quite a few different types of wild birds over the past couple years (I have had more time on my hands being a student, somehow the birds knew that) incuding many doves and pigeons, as well as a Black-eyed Bulbul (released), an African Green Pigeon (unable to be released - wing broken beyond repair), a European Starling (released) and a few more. There are no registered bird rehabilitation places where I live, so I have a vet that I consult with.
At the moment I have two Bronze Mannikins, Speckle and Fluff. I was given the first one, Speckle, as a baby from a friend that found him huddling next to their car tyre. When I saw him for the first time I couldn't believe his size as I have never handled a baby bird so miniature! He (I say 'he' but I don't know the sex - very hard to tell) aslo had a broken wing. I hand-reared him, using a formula I bought from the petshop called AviPlus for baby seed-eating birds until he started eating on his own. He can fly forwards and down but battles to fly upwards due to his broken wing not mending properly. So realising that I could not possibly release him into the wild, I decided to keep him as a pet (they make wonderful pets and are very loving). I have had him since the 27 Nov 2010.
A couple months later (March 2011) I then got Fluff, another baby Bronze Mannikin, given to me by my gran, who was given it by a gentleman from a local music shop who found it in a very busy road, and fearing it would be run over, took it in. I couldn't believe that I had another one! What are the chances! He (again, I don't know the sex) was very cold when he got to me so I had to take extra care to get him properly warmed and hydrated before I could feed him and I was not sure he would make it... A couple hours later he was gobbling up the AviPlus formula! Speckle took a little while to warm up to Fluff but now they are the best of friends (potential mates maybe? we will have to wait and see). He has been eating on his own for a little while now. I honestly cannot help but feel so blessed that I have the opportunity of owning these little blessings. I have decided to keep Fluff as a pet for a couple of reasons, firstly, he follows Speckle everywhere and they have quite a strong bond, if Speckle could fly properly I would consider releasing them both but also need to take into consideration the fact that they are so tame, I cannot guarantee they would survive on their own, even if Speckle could fly properly.

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