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The U.S. has fewer than 500 purebred Barbados Blackbelly, which is a significant improvement over the 2004 census of only 100 breeding sheep and 2 breeding rams. Carol Elkins, owner of Critterhaven, decided in 2004 to remedy the situation and set out to educate people about the breed, to create communities where information could be shared, and to establish a cooperative association of breeders where active breed conservation could take place.

Carol Elkins is one of the original members of the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association Int'l (BBSAI; http://www.blackbellysheep.org) and its current Secretary and Webmaster.

Her farm Web site (http://www.critterhaven.biz) has the largest compendium of information on Barbados Blackbelly sheep on the Internet.

She sponsors an email group for all blackbelly breeders (http://www.blackbellysheep.info/ ) and founded a Consortium of purebred breeders (http://www.consortium.blackbellysheep.info/).

Her conservation group can be found at http://www.consortium.blackbellysheep.info/

She is writing an online book about how to raise blackbelly sheep at http://blackbellysheepbook.com/

Carol sells breeding stock, freezer lamb, and over 70 gift items in her farm's online store.

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