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I have owned a variety of animals and occasionally, insects since I was very young. I still remember my mother's exasperated sighs as yet another stray whether it be cat or dog - there were no leash laws back then so dogs came and went as they pleased - joined our family.
Anytime I spotted a stray , or what I presumed was a stray, I'd run back in the house and grab whatever food I thought they'd like and lure them to me with the tasty treats.
My most beloved childhood memory was me at 8 yrs old luring a stray German Shepard as big as a horse with frosted oatmeal cookies so he'd stay with me.
That dog whom I dubbed "Sergeant" lived with us for 5 or 6 years. He was a massive but gentle creature who let me and my brother dress him up in our clothes and take silly pictures. I cherish those memories of him. As suddenly as he came into our lives was as suddenly as he left. Just one day, he was gone.
He was my favorite of pets, hands down, but I have loved them all.
Currently, I own a Shepard/Lab mix name Bella and a house cat, Lily. It's a little more quiet in terms of owning animals at this stage of my life but animals will always hold a special part of my heart.

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