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Hayward, California, United States

Nyte Raven

~ Mom to Flame, a Costa Rican tiger-rump tarantula; Tarzan and Kiana, shelter-rescued sibling Russian Blue cats; Doobee Lee, a rescued chihuahua; Simba and Rosco, sibling pitbull terriers; and Rain, a rescued peach-face lovebird.

~ In the past, my menagerie have included parakeets (Paulee, Skye & Tweety), a couple of iguanas (Iggy & Liz), a ball python (Sammy), a Colorado bull snake (Cody), a Savannah monitor (Thor), a bearded dragon (Spike) , young red-tail boas, a precious rat (Alice), a Jackson's chameleon (Jackie) and a Mexican red-knee tarantula (Big Red).

~ I'm a strong advocate for the adoption of shelter animals. I believe all things wild should be left to be wild. I prefer to acquire my reptiles, invertebrates and other exotic pets from reputable breeders, making sure they are not caught from their natural habitat. Full research on your choice of pets is key to responsible pet ownership. I'm happy I found this site. I look forward to sharing my experiences and learning from others.

Wilma aka Nyte Raven

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Ball Python

Hayward, California, United States



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Green Iguana

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