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Deb Even

Thank you for researching Feather Focus and I appreciate your time.
Feather Focus has been in business since 1995. Pedigreed cockatiels were my first birds, then the passion grew and the following birds became part of Feather Focus' program.

  • African Congo Greys,

  • Blue Head Pionus,

  • Dusky Pionus,

  • Coral Bill Pionus,

  • Maxi Pionus,

  • Cape Parrots,

  • Pedigreed Cockatiels.

Once the baby hatches I allow the parents to raise them until they are about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks old, then I pull them for handfeeding and socializing. I work fulltime outside of the home so my babies are transported with me to and from work as I have been blessed to be able to share my office with them!! I hand-feed them every few hours and are socialized with several people in my office. By the time they are weaned, they are very social and are not afraid of anything and are ready for new homes.
I feed them Hagen Tropimix, very little seed and they all get homemade birdie bread, fresh fruits and veggies, as well as fresh cooked veggies.
I only clip wings if the customer requests it because my birds are raised fully feathered and have mastered flying and are allowed to free fly until they find a new home.

I ship via Delta weather permitting at buyers expense. The cost presently is around $110. All birds are shipped in an airline approved kennel with a perch, food and water. The kennel cost is the buyers responsibility as well and normaly they run about $30.
I do not scam people and you will know exactly what you are buying from Feather Focus. I do not sell birds just to make a profit but I do sell birds to make other peoples' dreams come true. Satisfaction guaranteed.
I have several repeat customers and my business has grown because of word of mouth and the great customer service that is offered before, during and as long after the sale as needed. The majority of the customers who have purchased from Feather Focus keep in touch with updates and I totally appreciate that as it is great to see my babies grow up!

Serious buyers please inquire and I will get in touch with you within the same day or sometimes within 2 days max! Please be patient as you will also get premium time during your purchase too! If you email me and you do not get a response, please contact me again as that is completely unlike me not to respond and with so many people hacking into emails these days, that would be a reason for me not to respond. So please be diligent as I am a serious breeder and take your time serious as well.
I have babies available, and sometimes they are not listed on my website yet, so please inquire if you are interested in a particular baby! I may have breeders available of some species, so please ask if you are interested.

Thank you and I look forward working with you! I also have references available, so please ask if you need proof of greatness!

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