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   We are fairly recent members of the dog loving family (just seven years...) but we jumped in with both feet.  From one to eight in six years, yes we added more than one dog per year!!!  When we moved into our two acre home, we were cat people.  A friend suggested a dog and we interviewed a couple promising candidates.  We ended up with Ichi, a 1-2 yearold mix breed, I call her a Shorthaired Tibetan Spanial (no such breed).  She was a foundling and the gal she lived with could no longer keep her.  We were going to 'puppy sit' for a couple months...  You know how that story ends.  Yes, seven years later, we still have her and the gal has since moved to Texas.

   Next came Punkin, a scrawny little puppy of unknown heritaige (Miniture Leonberger, another non-breed).  They said shepherd X, meaning 'who knows'.  Punkin was followed by Mezzo, a pure bred but not papered Schipperke.  Both puppies were added within a few weeks of one another.  We learned puppy training was no picnic real quick, but managed.

   About six months later, Jan went to rescue a Schipp from the shelter.  They would not release him but Daisy was sharing his kennel.  She was scared to death, hiding away, wondering what on earth she had done to end up here.  (It was reported that the family who 'dropped' her off, had too many pets for their apartment.  Hmph)  She was very overwieght.  A 12 pound Chihuahua!  Through diet and swimming, we had her down to about eight pounds but she has since filled out some.  Much happier and healthier.

   Next was Jerry, a re-homed registered Champion Schipperke.  We were told that he didn't play and he didn't get on the furniture.  Maybe not in their house.  He play bows, patti-cakes runs like crazy around the house and yard.

   Charlie the Chorgi was next.  We spoted him on PetFinder.com.  He looks like a Corgi but is only 7-8 pounds.  He is deaf, has one eye (can't see well out of the other), arthritic and stuborn!  Our vet guessed him to be at least 14+, but other than the limp, he doesn't act a day over 8.  We think he was just dumped along the road in Eastern Washington, nobody ever tried to claim him.

   Little Tessie was next.  A Pom/Chi mix from the same Petfinder rescue.  Once again probably dumped.  She has thyroin issues and seizures...  But with proper meds, she is fine.  Maybe two or three episodes in the last year and a half.

   Last is Taz, our third Schipperke!  He was on Craigs list and just happened to be about a mile away from our house.  His name was Spaz but I couldn't keep that.  He is a typical wild Schipp but must have some Tasmanian devil in him...

   There are videos at YouTube of the dogs playing.  Look under my same user name 49fourdoorsedan.



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