White Holland Turkey

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56101, Ukraine

Posted May 06, 2016

If you decided to become a turkey farmer, the ideal is to have 1 male for 5-8 females. They mate once a week and while doing that both male and female dance. Female turkeys are great moms and are able to raise 2-3 generations of little ones during one summer. Those are normally born after female turkey sat on top of the eggs for 28 days.
It's a great poultry, awesome and clever birds (especially in comparison with chicken). Their stomaches are quite sensitive, they love diary products, dry grain, green grass. Growing also fast and the meat is amazing. By the way, their eggs are also good for food and have even better qualities than chicken eggs.
Few minuses - sounds they make -"gobl-gobl-gobl" can be a bit disturbing and need pretty much a lot of care when they're just born. Also can make a mess in your yard if you don't provide them separate area.

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