Vulturine Guinea Fowl

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A Unique Guardian Fowl


Kewaunee, Wisconsin, United States

Posted Aug 31, 2016

Guinea fowl are a mainstay of home homesteads, due to their unique characteristics. They are well known to be wonderful guardians of your chicken flock and to scare off predators due to their very loud warnings and even possible chasing off predators. They aren't known to be good mothers, tending to leave their eggs randomly throughout their environment, but you could place guinea eggs in an incubator or under a broody hen in order to add to your guinea flock.
Guineas are beautiful birds and come in a variety of kinds, the one above is a lavender guinea, the kind we had.
They will alert you to each and any intruder on your property, will be part of your poultry flock and are known to protect them from predators. Ours chose to protect our ducks, rather than our chickens as we had hoped. But we didn't lose a single duck! Their call is distinctive and loud, so be sure you are ready for this.
Guineas are known to defend existing flocks. So, they are commonly a great pairing with your chicken flock and that is their purpose on most working farms.
As an ornamental bird, you cannot help but be pleased with this bird as they are just beautiful and come in multiple colorations and kinds. A few guineas parading across your lovely property adds to the charm! They are simply beautiful.
As a farmstead bird, some people are happy with guineas and some are not. I found that the noise was too much for me in addition to all else I needed to deal with on our hobby farm. I do miss the beauty of them, however. I know many folks who are very pleased with their guinea flocks, particularly people who live in places that are heavy with a tick population (guineas love ticks!).

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