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The Suffolk Sheep


Virginia, United States

Posted Aug 19, 2012

Suffolk Sheep are not difficult to tell apart from other breeds of sheet. They have the dark, black faces and legs, the thin long necks, and the finer bones structure. This darker coloring of their skins make them less likely to get certain diseases because is acts as a kind of sun-block and makes their skins less sensitive. This bread came from England by breeding two different breed together, the Southdown and the Northern Horned Breeds. The resulting Suffolk is known for its great meat producing quality and is considered an improvement on its parenting breed. They get to be about 250 to 350 pounds in the rams and about 180 to 250 for the ewes. It's fleece is considered to be in the medium range of preferred wool type, which makes it very marketable. It ranges about 2 to 3 inches long and has a yield slightly over 50 percent. Suffolk are hardy sheep, getting that characteristic from the Northern Horned Sheep, which is now considered very rare. These sheep are hornless, and their heads should not only bee black, but wrinkle-free. Ears are long and bell-shaped and they sort of droop down towards the corners of the mouth. The head "sets the stage" for the rest of the beautiful animal.

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