Standard Bronze Turkey

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14000, Czech Republic

Posted Mar 11, 2016

Meat is the primary reason for which we had a couple of turkeys. Their meat has incredible health benefits and it is highly recommended to eat it at least once a week. While they are still infants they are prone to accidents and are relatively weak. When compared to chickens they are a lot bigger and therefore require a lot more space. During the first eight weeks they have very bad eyesight. Because of that we had to place very bright lights in the room so they could see food and water. Unlike chickens it can happen that they simply do not eat nor drink at all. That happened once to us and we had to help them. One of them almost died of dehydration. Then for a couple of days I would place each of them next to the water bowl and gently push their head towards it. Teaching an animal to eat and drink, something I could have never imagined would happen. But for turkeys it is very important to take good care for them, especially while they are still young. The place where you keep them has to be clean, dry and quiet. And even though in the beginning it might happen that they are unaware of their needs for water, afterwards they will be drinking a lot of water. About twice as much as the food. The intake can increase during the summer. Quality food, lots of water and a neat place will in return give you healthy and delicious meat.

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