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United States

Posted Oct 09, 2015

We recently raised 3 pigs, 2 females and 1 male. These pigs were handled a lot as piglets and fed twice a day. They were very well tempered and did not nip or bite like some pigs do. They acted a lot like dogs. They would wag their tails when we came with food and play with sticks like a dog would. Our pigs loved to be sprayed with a hose on hot days and would "dance" and play in the water as it sprayed. We also got them a large kiddie pool for use on hot days and they loved laying in it to cool off. (They also loved chewing on the edges of it and it looked pretty bad after a few months). Our pigs ate grain and all the household scraps from 2 homes. We also bought them loaves of bread and pastries from the bread outlet, which they loved. They gained weight fast and preferred junk food over the fruits and vegetable scraps we would give them (much like our kids!). Aside from feedings, they required very little maintenance. We set up a spigot with our garden hose and they learned very quickly how to use the metal nipple for their water. Their area did smell on occasion but not as bad as the chickens we once had.They also used just one area of their pen as the potty area, which was also quite smart of them. We gave them almost 2 acres with a mix of wooded, grassy and swampy areas for them to ram, play and forage in. This worked very well for them. The wooded area also provided them with shade from the sun on very hot days. Their ears sunburn very easily, so this was ideal for them. Since these were such good natured, playful, and friendly pigs, we had a hard time when it came time for them to leave us. However, we would gladly raise this type of pig again.

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