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Kent, United Kingdom

Posted Jul 24, 2015

Randolph is my favourite sheep ever. He quickly replaced Brian and Timothy in first place. Randolph was gorgeous. Randolph had big (excuse the expression) mutton chops, he looked like a teddy bear. He also had a wicked sense of humour. He loved it when some innocent person looking the other way (well the way they were walking). He'd start walking, trotting, galloping to this person and if you did not turn round and catch him he would like nothing better than to unite his big woolly head with the back of your knees. If he was seen he would just acquire a most innocent expression, change direction and go that way as he surely intended to all along.
Yes, it's true. Sheep are stupid. But also incredibly clever. They remember. The know that in the barn is where they have their hooves clipped and their fleeces shorn. They also know that's where the food is. So when you are there to get the food out there they are. When you go to get them in the barn to clip their hooves - there they aren't.
I was there for Duchesses first lamb - lots of pain, panting and confusion - mostly on her side. And then relief when her giant boy came out. She stood panting in relief. And had no idea there was a baby she had created lying in the straw behind her. Until it bleated then motherly sheeperly instinct kicked in and she turned and began nursing her bairn.
Randolph sadly died. He got foot rot and although treated he was found dead the next day. According to a our local friendly shepherd that is normal. Sheep tend to give up easily and none more easily than the males. The females often have a bit more get up and go, maybe to do with being mothers but male sheep. Well, it's just too hard.
I was once told not to get livestock because there always comes a point when livestock become deadstock. Well its true and if you're not prepared for that bit I suggest you adopt a something at your local zoo.

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