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Ducks and the Dog


Manvel, Texas, United States

Posted Jan 05, 2019

My family got five of these ducks when I was a little girl, three of them ended up being girls and two of them were boys. The 'alpha' male duck had a bill that was a different color than the other male, making it easy to tell them apart, and the girls each had some slight difference that made them easy to tell apart as well(one of the girls kept a tuft of baby-down on the back of her head that for some reason never fell out, it looked like a little tiara so we called her Queen Esther). They were all dears and well mannered ducks.
When they were little they mostly avoided the dog we had at that time, as they got older that changed... The males one day decided that it would be fun to play 'chase the dog!' Now this was a big Golden Retriever, but Hannah knew that she was not allowed to hurt the ducks, so the end result was that she would try to run away from them all over the yard! Of course we would have to try to catch the ducks and get them to stop, but sometimes I think that the dog almost enjoyed it!

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