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Rouen Ducks


Colorado, United States

Posted Dec 31, 2014

Female rouen ducks are plain brown, and although cute, are not as striking as the males who have a distinctive green head and neck. Our ducks had mild personalities, mostly keeping to themselves. They were not very social, and would run away if we tried to approach them.

They lay decent sized eggs that taste amazing. I think duck eggs have the best flavor of any fowl. The flavor of duck meat depends on their diet. If they eat a lot of fish and waterlife, they will have a fishy-gamey flavor, if they eat a more regular diet of bugs and some feed, they will have a delicious fatty flavor, but be forewarned, ducks do not have white meat, which is fine by me since I prefer brown meat anyway.

I would get Rouen ducks again in a heartbeat. They are fun to have around, especially if there's some water around for them to play in. They are generally very quiet and won't bother anyone.

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