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Streator, Illinois, United States

Posted Jun 30, 2014

I have two children heading off to College this year. They felt I would be lonely without them. So, for mothers day they purchased me two baby ducks from Farm and Fleet. It has been an adventure to say the least. I live in the City so they can not be free ranged. Fun and cute little pets. During the Day they have a play pen my husband build they can go into if we are not outside with them. If I am outside gardening I let them roam the yard and they will walk under me if I am pulling weeds on all fours. At night we put them in a Rabbit hutch that the kids got from Farm and Fleet. The sleep in the house at night on the back porch. Sometimes we lay a large blue tarp on the floor in the front room and they like to watch TV with use and get fed treats of corn and peas. However, it is a messy clean up after wards. I am considering trying out those ducky diapers and seeing how they would. Would love to eliminate using the tarp in the house. Definitely fun pets to have very cuddly....but they are birds and do eliminate a lot at this age. Currently I believe they are 10 weeks old. Grow very fast! Still trying to figure out how to keep them in the house with not so much mess. Hut is cleaned out daily because of the smell. Twice a day would be better but since I have a active life style don't have the time.

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