Rouen Duck

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2342, Slovenia

Posted Jan 18, 2014

A duck is not an animal you choose because you want a poached duck egg in the morning or a hearty meal of roasted meat. Especially with Rouen Duck, you choose it because it's beautiful and rejuvenating. It is nice to side flashy colors of a Rouen Duck once in a while between your chicken. Commercial value of very low, even though the cost of owning a couple of ducks is also low. I believe that people buy them just because they are beautiful, but that is my humble opinion.

They are most sensible creatures and children just love them. You don't have to be around and be worries something with happen as with chicken for example. Puddle of mud in which ducks like to be is as enjoyable to little kids as well. Then can spend hours of splashing and having fun with the ducks.

Rouen Duck grows to about 3 kg and is of average size for a duck. It may come handy on the diner table, but these kind of duck doesn't lay eggs that well. So have it because of the looks and they way it makes you feel when laying your eyes on her.

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