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Kenny Penny the hateful rooster!


Kansas, United States

Posted Sep 09, 2013

Two years ago my family decided they wanted to raise chickens as a hobby. We went to our local farm and home store as they were selling baby chicks at the time. They were advertised as being all female so we decided on four different chicks. We definitely didn't want a rooster. We raised the chicks in the house until they were old enough to go outside and live in their coop. We eventually realized that low and behold..we had a rooster! So, Henny Penny became Kenny Penny. The store stated they couldn't guarantee that all the chicks would be females, so I suppose it was basically a crapshoot. It was no matter, we didn't mind having a rooster as he seemed to get along with the females.

We would soon learn that having a rooster was, well, going to be quite the adventure! Though we purchased our chickens as pets, we have found them to be quite productive. The rooster obviously does not lay eggs, but he does keep the chickens safe from harm. He "herds" them around all day, making sure they all stay together and he also finds the best spots in the yard (they are free range) to dig for insects. He is constantly monitoring the sky for hawks or other birds who could pose harm to the chickens. He is around to fertilize the chickens, but since we collect the eggs daily, we don't have any chicks.

As good as the rooster is to have around for the chickens, he is very aggressive towards humans. Though we have had kids play around him with no incident, I would highly recommend against doing so. Our rooster is very protective of the chickens and if we accidentally walk between him and any of our 3 chickens, he gets very upset, starts squawking and moving towards us swiftly. In the past he has attacked a couple of my family members while they were trying to work with the chicken coop. His spurs are very large because we were unable to capture him safely to remove them when he was younger. For those who don't know, the spurs of a rooster are basically a big claw on the backside of the rooster's leg near the foot. The spurs are used to attack predators.

We try our best to keep our distance with the rooster, but there are times we are in the yard far away from where he is at and he inches his way towards us. He will peck at the grass pretending to mind his own business, then all of a sudden you turn around and there he is! As annoying as he can be, he's also very smart. We have an old window cleaning stick that we will take in the yard with us for protection from the rooster. He has been swatted at once or twice by the stick (never hit) and has learned to dislike the stick and stay away from it.

A rooster is definitely not a good pet and I would not recommend one to anyone unless they were going to use it for productive chicken farming sake. That being said, we are glad to have our rooster for the chickens' protection...he makes for good stories as well!

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