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Posted May 30, 2015

We acquired Jerky in January. I had decided that with the troubles we had been having due to high mongoose numbers we needed a roo to protect our flock. He was only with us a short while before his cocky nature resulted in his early demise.

Right off the bat I had great pride in ownership with Jerky. He was beautiful! Most roosters are well known for their bold patterns and vibrant coloring, but this bird had a different type of appeal. I found his mop top and soft coloring to more match my style.

Jerky was a cocky fella, as I mentioned. He strutted his stuff around the ladies all day long. He wasn't terribly talkative, mostly crowing in the morning and anytime a mongoose came near. He was slightly aggressive as roosters tend to be, but not terribly so. The children could walk near him without fear of being attacked, but I still tried to keep the kids at a distance just in case.

Whether from his foofy hair, or simply a natural attribute, Jerky had very poor eyesight. That coupled with his overconfident nature was really what lost him his life. Though he would crow when a mongoose neared, it wasn't until they were almost upon him that he could even see them. One day all that was left of him was a pile of feathers.

I didn't have the chance to experience anything negative from this breed. I would certainly like to have another at some point. But in the meantime, I do plan on acquiring a different breed of roo to see if a different roo will better watch the brood.

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