Plymouth Rock Chicken

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Posted Apr 14, 2015

We had 14 chickens that were raised for eggs. We thouroughlly enjoyed our chickens. They were like our dogs. We kept them free range. During the day they were out in the yard running and playing with the kids and pecking around the grass and the pond and at night they would all go into their coop and we'd shut it up to keep them safe from coyotes and other preditors. When they were out, they would follow us around like dogs, and take food from our hands, and even let the girls swing the on the swing set and hold them on their laps whie going down the slide. They loved ineracting with us and would stay closen to us when we were outside.

We fed them a grain fowl mix with crushed oyster shells in it and then they also would get bugs out of the yard, and we would bring them our table scraps each day as well. We had a hose that ran into their water bowl and kept it on a constant trickle, so they always had fresh water , and we would just scape out their poo once a week and spray it out with the hose. We would put their poo right into our garden, and it was amazing! We literally had 6ft tall tomato plants!!!!

Chickens are amazing little creatures. We enjoyed them so much. We would sit outside for horus just watching them. They each had their own persoalities and were very much like pets, wanting attention and enjoyed our company as well.

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