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We Didn't Have to Buy Eggs Anymore


United States

Posted Dec 03, 2014

Let me be honest from the start-I don’t like chickens. I have never been a fan of the chubby chatterers. They are nosey, busy bodies that leave their bug drippings everywhere you step. Fair warning-don’t walk around barefoot if you let your chickens roam the yard. They nervously cluck for no reason. I don’t like how they follow you around the yard begging for scraps. It’s not even dog cute. It’s just annoying. Nonetheless, there are benefits to having chickens. The biggest one is eggs. Eggs coming out of the wazoo. We purchased about 12 hens from a friend, on the promise that they were great layers. They were a conglomeration of exotic and common hens. Amongst the exotics were a Plymouth Rock and an Orpington. With the price of eggs and food in general rising every nanosecond we figured it would be a good investment.
The first couple of weeks we couldn’t get them to lay eggs at all. We tried everything. What’s wrong with these chickens, their laying button is broken, we thought. Eventually, slowly but surely, we started finding the delicate little nougats all over the yard. It was like a treasure hunt trying to get to them before the dogs did. Soon enough we were getting enough eggs to store and then share with friends. It was always a triumph to sashay past the egg section at the supermarket without a second glance. Who needs to pay $2.50 for a carton of eggs when I can get up in the morning, grab a bowl and go plop fresh ones out of the yard? Winning!
Then somebody, we won’t be specific, started to actually get attached to the little busy bodies. The Plymouth Rock in particular was a beauty. It was as if she knew it too, always very prissy and dainty. They were given names and looked to as conversation companions while working in the garden. They sure do a good job of getting rid of the bugs from tomato plants…

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