Engelbert Humperdinck

Pekin Duck

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Pekin Ducks


Cross Junction, Virginia, United States

Posted Sep 09, 2016

We have three Pekin ducks that were given to us, and we keep as pets. We have two males and one female. The female recently began laying, and her eggs are HUGE.

Our ducks are neither friendly nor unfriendly, they simply waddle around our property, quacking away. They seem to be at least moderately more intelligent than our chickens and guineas.

Our three ducks are always together. They hate to be apart. It would be nice to eventually get a mate for our second male, but they all don't seem to mind being a trio.

They really enjoy the water, of course, so it would be nice to have a pond or pool for them if you are going to adopt some. They are also very large birds, so I am sure they would work great as meat birds, although we don't intend to use ours for those purposes. All in all, they are an entertaining addition to our homestead.

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