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Ducks Must Have Sizeable Body of Water to Protect from Predators!


United States

Posted Apr 23, 2014

A couple of years ago, I was given two Pekin ducks as an Easter present (and kind of as a joke). They were just babies, so I kept them inside for almost two months before they were ready to go outside. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the right habitat for them. I lived on a huge piece of land in the woods, so they had plenty of space, but not enough water. Because I was in the woods in a relatively rural area, there were a lot of predators, and one of my ducks was snatched in under a month of being moved outside. I thought that keeping them inside and handling them a lot when they were young would make them friendly, but they never really seemed to get used to me. They remained skittish the entire time I owned them, and after the first one got snatched in the night (I still have no idea what got it), the one that was left was even more terrified of everything. I ended up giving the duck I had left to a friend on another farm who had five other ducks of different varieties living on her pond. My duck settled in quickly there and was very happy. She never became friendly, but I was glad to know that she could be with other ducks in a more appropriate habitat. The lesson: ducks need access to a large enough body of water that they can use it to escape predators. Water is not just their natural habitat; it is their protection. Without it, the phrase "sitting duck" is incredibly apt, and it will be a sad day for any owner when they discover this.

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