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Orpington Chicken

Overall satisfaction


Acquired: Farmyard / Feedstore adoption

Gender: Female





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The Friendliest Egg Producer You'll Ever Own


Siloam Springs, Arkansas, United States

Posted Jul 08, 2017

Orpington chickens are a great to have around, especially if you want hens that will produce plenty of eggs. They produce eggs all throughout the winter, which is a fantastic (and potentially lucrative) bonus. They have thick feathers that prevent them from getting frostbite, so they are fairly low maintenance throughout the winter months. In addition to being great layers, these hens are also just gentle, fun, nice chickens to have around. Unlike some other breeds that can be fairly aggressive, orpingtons are docile creatures who won’t give you any grief. If there is any drawback with this breed, it is that they are not particularly intelligent. We have had some run-ins with coyotes over the years, and our orpingtons were always the first to go. However, if you don’t have an issue with coyotes or other predators, these chickens will stick around and keep producing plenty of eggs for you.

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