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Our encounter with Muscovy Ducks


Posted Sep 25, 2016

Hoeniehoen was a Muscovy duck I bought for about $0.5 at the school’s entrepreneurial day. This practice was banned after that day. To my mom’s complete shock she picked me up that Friday carrying a baby Muscovy duck in my arms. Plans were made, and soon I was hand raising the duck in our house. Hoeniehoen was thought to be a male by some expert we contacted, and so my parents decided to find him some mates. Everything went quite well, until the day that Hoeniehoen laid an egg in the backyard. That’s when we discovered Hoeniehoen was in reality a female.

Before we knew it we had about 40 little Muscovy ducks roaming around in our large backyard. It was cause for a lot of entertainment in our family, and we spend countless afternoons watching them swim and dive into the pond that we build for them. However I realised that this could not go on. I sold as many of the chicks as I could, and sold all the males, to stop the reproductive cycle in its tremendously fast growing tracks.

If you have quite a big yard and a pond, these animals are lovely to have around if you don’t mind endless traps and unpleasant surprises waiting for you in the grass on a constant basis.

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