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20000, Sri Lanka

Posted Oct 19, 2016

I had a surprise early this year when my dad built a hen house at the backyard which soon became home to four chickens. These four hens are of mixed breed. Each of them had different shades in them.

For our disappointment, the hens did not lay any egg for the first two weeks. But the following week, we found two small eggs in the hen house. These chickens loved foraging and clucked impatiently till we let them out every morning. Over the following weeks we noticed an irregular pattern in the laying of eggs, three being the maximum number of eggs collected in a good day.

As days passed, the hens knew their grounds very well. But the real problem existed in the evening. Usually, hens are supposed to go to their shelter by themselves. But two of our hens started resting on tree branches every single day. This was not the only problem. Since they are out from morning to dusk, regular cleaning was required in the backyard and a strong foul odor was emitted when cleaning was neglected for a single day.

But on the bright side, although chickens are raised for poultry, they can become lovable pets too. All four hens we raised were friendly and allowed us to pet them. Some even followed us clucking affectionately. Since we did not profit much on their eggs and raising them was quite a tedious task with constant cleaning to be done when everyone at home was employed and could not find much time to attend to them, we decided to give them away to our aunt who already had five more chickens.

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