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Posted Oct 02, 2013

It all started the night my sister walked in the door with a baby swaddled in her arms. I walked down the stairs groggily and asked "what's that?" "My new puppy" she replied. She had been gone all day and I had no idea she was planning on getting a new pet, but I was excited at the idea.

Eager to see the cute new addition to the family, I peeled back the blanket from it's face and nearly screamed. Not because it wasn't cute- just not what I had expected. It wasn't a puppy at all- it was a baby miniature pig!

The pig smiled and let out a little oink and I instantly fell in love. It's charm was too endearing for even my mother, who was currently screaming "get that thing out of my house!", to deny. So, Piggy stayed.

That is, for the next 2 years. 2 years was actually pushing it, and had we not all been so attached to his adorable personality, he would have been gone as soon as we discovered that piggy was not a "miniature" pig as my sister had been told. He was just a regular boar and grew far too big to be a house pet.

It didn't come as a surprise though, considering my sister bought him from an unreputable breeder for only $200. We later found that genuine mini pigs cost upwards of $1000 and most even more than that. Therefore my biggest piece of advice to anyone looking to buy a mini pig is to look for breeders with experience and a good reputation, and ask to see the parents to ensure they are mini pigs themselves.

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