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A Small Pain in the A**


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Posted Dec 30, 2016

I think the word to best describe this donkey would be "feisty". He lives with a horse and a pony, both larger than him. You would think that their size would deter him from picking on them, but that's not exactly true. When he was younger, he used to go under the pony and stand up so that the pony was lifted off the ground. The pony was not amused. They used to play tug of war with big sticks laying around, too. While they don't always get along, they do tend to live together pretty well.
When there's corn, the donkey will actually eat the corn OFF the cob. The horse and pony tend to take big bites of the cob and devour the whole thing, but he'll use his teeth to peel the kernels off.
Donkeys are very noisy, or at least this one is. His bray is not exactly a hee-haw, and it's not exactly pretty. He is most definitely spoiled, and will sometimes bray when cars pull up just because he wants attention. He also tends to bray in the morning when he wants breakfast. Donkey has been bred with another miniature donkey, and it's interesting because both the molly and the babies have their own bray.
He doesn't really have much of a purpose, per se, but he is an excellent pet. Very sweet (to humans at least!) and relatively easy to care for if you have the space and the tolerance for noise!

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