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+254, Kenya

Posted Oct 07, 2013

Animals have been a part of my life since my early years. We moved out to a farm from the city and that was the beginning of a whole new and exciting lifestyle. We decided to call our farm Green Acres and I would like to share some of the goings on with the different animals we reared there.
Our Chickens
I had always wanted to have a chicken for a pet, but I guess my mother had something else in mind when she drove home one day with 50 chicks in a carton in the back of her pick-up. I tried to convince her to let me keep one in the house, but that was out of the question. That was the beginning of our lifelong journey with chickens.
Starting off with 50 chicks was not a simple thing. First a foremost we had to build a chicken coop. I don’t know why no one had thought about that before the chicks got home. The spent the first night in garage and we lost a couple of them to the cold. After we had set up a totally pimped out chicken coop (thanks to my pimped out brother), we set about raising chickens. I should mention that we now have about 3000 egg laying chickens and this is a very profitable venture.
If you are looking to get into chicken farming, you should consider a wide range of things like, the breed, the environment you live in because of the temperatures required to rear chicken, the type of chickens you require….do you want egg laying chickens or chickens for meat, or may you want dual purpose chickens. You may choose t have multiple breeds which is okay, they will manage t establish the pecking order.

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