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The life of Jim and Tammy Faye...


Lewisville, Texas, United States

Posted Oct 13, 2016

We went to a flea market when I was around 11 or 12 - at the height of the Jim and Tammy Faye Baker TV phenomena and, not knowing that the males were actually the prettier birds, I named them Jim and Tammy Faye because the coloring reminded me of all of her make-up.
We kept them locked up for a couple of weeks in a barn that we had and then we let them loose on the property because they will hang around if they know they are going to be fed. And they hung around all right. For about 10 years we had between 2-6 peacocks here.
It turns out that Tammy Faye was apparently quite the attractive peahen and, randomly, some neighbors a few streets over also had peacocks who would fly over and move in for a while to court Tammy Faye. We never could tell who was who so we just started naming them after other TV evangelists and had Oral and Jerry.
Tammy Faye would lay eggs every now and then but I guess the coyotes would get them - but they didn't get her ever. They would fly over the house and sleep in the trees at night.
We have ants here - fire ants - that hurt like, well fire, when they bite you and peacocks are great for eating them and we would throw some corn out every couple of days as well.
When "talking" they would scream and one of the neighbors called the police because apparently, to her, it sounded like someone was yelling "rape" and the cops had to explain to her that she should come over to our house and see if it was just one of our peacocks yelling. It was.
They did get a little demanding and if we were late getting their feed out they would actually sit on the window and peck at it - kind of like they were knocking - until we fed them.
Ultimately, we lost Jim and Tammy Faye when some new neighbors moved in and had a red pickup truck and were not thrilled when the peacocks would poop on it. So they actually stole the peacocks in the middle of the night and drove them away.
He is still our neighbor. We are not on good terms.
Peacocks are great pets and lots of fun to own.

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