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Posted Sep 14, 2014

These were the primary breed of cattle on our ranch. We had a few Anguses, but primarily they were the common Hereford.

These cattle are pretty easy to take care of. In the bright sun light though, they are prone to eye cancer, so you need to go into the prairie every month and check on them. Sometimes you will get one that's a “hard birth-er” as well. We have had to do several C-Sections over the years on this particular breed, and breech is not uncommon either.

They will eat anything though, kind of like the goats of cattle. Cactus, bushes, hay, grass, pretty much anything. When giving them hay though just make sure it's not to full of stickers, as they are prone to getting them stuck in their cheeks.

They are very timid, so that is good and bad. Good because they will run from a coyote long before it get's to them, and good because that makes them easy to herd. Bad if you have to give them medical care though. You will need roping, and hog tying skills to care for these cattle.

They sell well at auction, and grow in a year. About 6 months old is when you dehorn and deball them to make steers. Of course this is vaccination time too.

If you are looking for a good basic herd, then this is your breed. They do will in the hot, and cold. HOWEVER!! If in Texas it is recommended not to dehorn them since they use their horns as radiators to stay cool.

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