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Baker, Montana, United States

Posted Jul 16, 2013

Hereford cattle, in my mind, are the best kind of cattle to raise. I like the way they look with their red bodies and white faces, legs and tail tips. I prefer the looks of the horned ones to the polled, or those that do not have horns. They are extremely docile and easy to handle. The bulls are even easy to handle, which is not true of all breeds.
They usually have no problems giving birth and are good mothers. On the occasion of a spring snow storm, which is common up here in Montana, the sun shining on the snow may sunburn the cows bag. The color of the bag is pink and burns easily. Black cows are not affected by this, since their bags are usually black. If bag gets to sore, the cow may not let her calf eat, so this needs to be watched for. If this does happen, bag balm needs to be applied until healed.
The Hereford also has pink around the eyes and they get sunburned too. They are also at a high risk of getting eye cancer.
I do not know how it is every where else in the country, but here in Montana and the Dakotas, calf buyer prefer calves with black hide, so a lot of times pure Herefords calves bring less per pound. My dad finally started breeding a lot of our Herefords with Angus bulls just for the hide color. The calves also got a little bigger than the pure Hereford calves. Not only did they bring more per pound, they also had more pounds to get paid for.
Over all Herefords are my favorite breed, even with their faults. In my mind, their positive traits out weigh their negative.

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