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Hampshire Pig

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Acquired: Breeder

Gender: Female







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best market hog

By pigshowman

United States

Posted Nov 29, 2013

Hamps tend to be shorter bodied and that is about all this breed lacks in genes. This pig is the epitome of lean muscle. They are often crossed with long bodied pigs to create the perfect market hog. They look beautiful all oiled up with the black popping in the ring it also not as difficult to keep clean. Just make sure the white belt doesn't get stained and condition it's coat before you go in the ring and this breed will look perfect. Even though they're black they still can get sunburned so sunblock is a must as with all pigs. Showmanship is my main concern and this is my favorite breed to get the job done. Put time in to train and keep the pig clean and you will have an edge on the comp with that beautiful black coat. This is the best market hog pure breed out there for all purpose fair work. Their coat also tends to be softer but varies with each pig.

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