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My New Hampshire Red hens


United Kingdom

Posted Feb 12, 2015

I bought my lovely chickens 2 years ago when they were newly hatched chicks. I started off with 5 and now the ‘family’ has grown to 13. I have one cockerel and the rest are females I am keeping for eggs mainly, possibly for meat at some point (when I get the guts to!).
My chickens have their own coop, but they roam freely in a warded off space in my back yard. As little chicks they were a bit tricky to take care of, as I had to keep them warm and dry and feed them often. Luckily for me, they grew into strong hens with beautiful red-orange feathers. They are very docile and calm, and they are perfect egg layers. I get between 6-10 eggs a day, which is more than enough for my family. The egg colour vary from creamy white to light brown, and they are mostly medium in size, but I can definitely notice the difference in taste compared to eggs from the shop.
Providing food for them is pretty hassle-free. I have quite a large vegetable garden, so there are kilos of weeds I have to pull out daily during the warm seasons. My chickens love it when I throw them a big batch! They also take care of all my fruit/vegetable scraps from the kitchen. In terms of fodder, I use only about 100-150kg a year.
They are quite resilient to the weather. They seem to have no problem in the heat, and as long as I keep them from direct wind in the winter, they are all happy chickens.

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