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Posted Jan 02, 2015

We bought ten chicks from a reputable ranch store in town, and we were instantly in love with them. As chicks, the hens were all very sweet, albeit a bit jumpy, as is expected. Once the hens started laying, they were very effective layers and, for about a year and a half, laid medium-sized, light brown eggs. We made the oyster shell calcium supplement available to them at all times, and the eggs were healthy and the shells were hard and smooth. After a while, though, a few of the hens began to lay eggs without shells, or with extremely soft shells (so much that we couldn't pick them up because our fingers went through them). The girls also began to peck their eggs during summer and broke the shells. A couple of them got broody on occasion--normally when it was very warm or very cold.
These chickens had a lovely temperament and were calm when we picked them up or touched them. They actually seemed to enjoy human contact. This past summer, we had the chickens out on the grass to "explore" and get a chance to eat some new bugs. A man came by and stopped to look. He offered us a quote for all ten, and we accepted the offer. That's how we re-homed the chooks.
Overall, they were healthy birds and gave us eggs for a long time. We enjoyed them, and may own more in the future. I recommend this breed just because they have a calm temperament around each other and other animals (like dogs). They didn't really peck each other, and shared their food and water calmly, without much competition. We were satisfied with them. At one point, they did lay very large eggs and we were unable to close our egg cartons.

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