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Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted Jan 06, 2019

I've come in contact with these birds a couple times and they have been nasty each and every time. The first time was at the first place I boarded my horse at. There were days I could not get in to see my horse because the emus would be standing ground in front of her pasture and refused to move until they were ready. The most recent time was a house I was farm sitting for had two of these beasts. They mostly stayed away, but they were quick and you absolutely had to watch your back. They would go from nice bird, just eating their feed, to "I'm going to kill you" in two seconds flat. The owners loved them though. I wouldn't recommend keeping them though if you plan to go out of town and leave someone else to watch them because you might be in for some medical bills upon your return. I was lucky to not get physically attacked, but despite my best efforts of being confident and standing my ground, they still chased me down. They really do not like strangers, regardless of if they are bringing food or not. I did, however, enjoy watching them as they are beautiful birds and are amazing to watch run. They are very capable of keeping horses in check and not afraid of anything. They are easy to feed though by just throwing it around on the ground much like you would a chicken, and they are very clean. You do, however need a tall fence for keeping them in. They can't fly, in fact they hardly have wing bones at all, but they have super strong legs and have no problems jumping. They are also super smart and can get latches open and sneak up on you when you least expect it. They lay super large, beautiful, blue eggs that some people enjoy eating as well as the large shell is great for crafting. I would not recommend this bird to anyone, especially inexperienced owners.

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