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Ashmore, Illinois, United States

Posted Jan 20, 2019

I grew up in a family that have Embden geese on a yearly basis. My mother would raise some for us and the rest to make some extra money around Christmas time. The geese were bought as goslings in the spring and then butchered and sold in the winter before Christmas. We also kept the down feathers and had them cleaned and then filled into pillow covers and down comforters. The geese are very hardy, but put on meat well and are certainly good watch geese.
Another side benefit of this breed is that no one will be able to sneak into your house if you have Embden Geese on the property. They will let it be known that there is an intruder around. That being said they can be somewhat noisy.
As for the meat, it is of excellent quality. Some people find geese difficult to pluck, but I must say I find this chore absolutely necessary in order to enjoy the full potential of this bird. A trick to help remove the feathers easier is to use a wet cloth and old iron to steam sections of the goose as you pluck. It is also advisable to burn off any leftover hair with a small propane torch.
Embden Geese are a wonderful meat bird with dual purpose natural watch dog behavior. Small children and sometimes even adults can be intimidated by a full grown goose as some geese will hiss and show aggressive behavior towards people. I have not had this experience with the Embden Goose and recommend it as a high quality meat bird variety.

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