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Kent, United Kingdom

Posted Jul 24, 2015

So they say that geese are the best guard dogs. Well they are. Very noisy especially when disturbed and also really quite aggressive and threatening when the male is defending the female. Which is odd really because when I was actually bitten by a (wild) goose it didn't hurt through my jeans and more kind of tickled. But they are scary when going for you almost more so than a barking dog, especially when the barking dog has a waggy tail on the other end.
We had good eggs from our geese and they also successfully reared some young. We also had some for Christmas dinner but do not think about this too much my vegetarian friends.
Those who may have read my sheep review may not feel that sheep for keeping grass down is the most effective lawn mowing as they first appear as they are great escape artists, naughtily clever and require heavy hard work especially when shearing or if they develop foot rot. However 6 geese eat as much grass as one cow (apparently) and providing Fantastic Mr Fox does not avail himself freely in the goose shed then you have the best guard dogs, a trim lawn, big eggs and a goose that's getting fat.

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