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Joey the Flamboyant Sheep


Ohio, United States

Posted Nov 16, 2012

In my 4-H days, I did a pilot project for sheep. I chose a Dorset Sheep and named him Joey. We got him from a local breeder as soon as he was weened from his mother. I had him for 1 full year as male livestock tend to be auctioned at the fairs after they have been shown and judged. It was sad to give him up as he would have made an amazing pet to keep.
It did take a little while to get him used to waking with a collar and leash but he got the hang of it well. He had a weekly bath as well, he didn't seem to mind this at all. We wanted to keep his wool as clean as possible so that we could donate it to a local historic park for their wool spinning demonstrations. Trimming his hooves was also an easy task.
The more time you spend with an animal, the easier it will be to work with them and have them cooperate. Joey and I took a lot of long walks getting him ready for fair by toning up his muscles some. We had to shave him for showing and he looked great with a short coat.
The Dorset sheep breed is very gentle by nature. They are not aggressive in any way and are easy to train. I do recommend these to other young 4-H'ers.

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