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Droper, the easy to care for hair sheep


Kansas, United States

Posted Oct 22, 2012

The Droper is a hair type sheep from South Africa. It is a great commercial type of sheep breed because it is a easy keeper. The breed does not need to be sheared and produces a mild lamb flavor. It can be bred year round and is an easy lambing breed. The lambs are strong and full of vigor when born.

My Dropers do not have as much of a calm temperament as claimed and as much as some of the other breeds I have experienced. I found they can jump amazing high if trying to escape. I have had then jump onto a large hay bale before but they do not try to escape normal field fence. Dropers do have mild herding instincts so they can be herded. They do require an experience herding dog and could be used for herd training or herding events since they are very quick. In my pasture if the dog or mule alerts them of a predator they will go back to the barn or form a tighter group.

The Dorper is well adapted to a variety of climatic and grazing conditions. I have never had problems with the heat and they tolerate flies and other insects very well. They are more browsers than grass eaters and will help maintain your pasture if you rotate with other species since they prefer to eat the weeds rather that grasses.

The Droper is a good commercial breed but is also very useful for small homesteads or showing. The breed is just getting popular in the United States and as it becomes more common breeding stock will become easier to find.

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