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Dorper Review from Missouri


Missouri, United States

Posted Jul 30, 2012

Dorper sheep are a very attractive, low input hair breed of sheep. Dorpers have an attractive silky white body and jet black head. They have a deep, thick made body from their shoulders to their hind quarters. Dorpers are very easy keepers. They do not require grain and are happy with average quality forage. Dorpers also require fewer wormings throughout the year and have very healthy feet. To top it all off they do not require shearing. They have sweet temperaments, however their short necks makes it slightly harder to turn the rams for hoof care. Dorper lambs can be born year round and are very vigorous. Lambs are usually up and nursing minutes after birth and handle very hot and very cold weather with little to no pampering. Dorper sheep are great out of season and short season breeders. Ewes can easily lamb 3 times in 2 years in accelerated programs. It is common for ewes to birth twins and normal weaning rates are around 1.7. Dorper lambs grow very fast from birth to weaning and are great fits for young lamb markets such as the Easter market. The only down fall I have found for dorper sheep is that 100 lbs is the typical market weight, which is 20-50 lb lighter than wool breeds; however, they easily make up for this gap with a high carcass yields and quality. Dorpers make a very low cost and low maintenance breed of sheep to own and I know you will be impressed too!

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