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Everyone loves chickens (except the neighbors)


United Kingdom

Posted Dec 10, 2013

So a few years back I decided I NEEEDED some chickens...

They were quite in fashion really and I was going through a 'Good Life' phase... so amid much excitement we purchased 3 and bought them home.

Id set up a home for them and a little run and thought this would be fine... first lesson learned.... these chickens like a bit of space!

All those expressions you hear like 'cooped up' didnt really make sense as their space kept getting bigger and bigger as they grew until eventually we had to cordon off a section of the garden... even then they still escaped! They escaped from every single run I built - often ending up in the neighbors garden - terrifying the life out of her.

We tried clipping their wings, but this didnt work either ... and whoever said chickens cant fly was fibbing..... they can!

Otherwise they were great pets.... a bit smelly and they trashed the who garden and we had poop everywhere... but we then started collecting it up to turn in to compost (which you can do with the bedding too) and this was a great idea.

Lots of lovely fresh eggs each day is obviously one of the main benefits - but they did make lovely pets too - even if they did scare the dogs and the children :/

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