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Top chicken breeder in Finistere, France. (Dorkings) silver/grey


29540, France

Posted Nov 16, 2009

I have kept, breed and shown the Dorking for just over 3 years and always found them to be a calm and content bird.
My birds are not tamed simply because they are here for show and exhibitions purposes, so they have very little human contact and I can't really comment on them in the family environment.

But please bear in mind these are large breed birds and very rare, so maybe children around may not be such a good idea.

Good show birds, very rare, fantastic history and one of the original pure breed chicken in Europe. It was crossed after the roman times with other breeds and has lead to the development of many breeds we know today.

They lay a good egg and a good number.

I can only comment on my own stock/flock which I acquired some time ago and have breed up myself with the help of other birds brought in from breeders from France and the UK
Although the rating Iv done above is base on the (large form) Dorking (silver/gray), I also happen to have 2 extremely rare (bantam form) Dorkings, in colors (red) and (partridge). These birds are rather flighty and spook easily. These birds should be caged and are deferentially not for the beginner.


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