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Unexpectedly perfect for my daughter


Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted Jan 04, 2019

We moved into our new home April of 2017, two and a half months before my daughter was born. At the time our neighbor had a donkey. Over time this donkey got skinny and eventually escaped constantly. The neighbor always acted concerned, but never did much about it. The entire community tried to help. The poor thing eventually ended up tied to a rope where she got all wrapped up constantly unable to reach water. We had had enough the day the donkey snapped the lead and ended up confronting her owner about it. After some talk, we all decided it would be best for everyone for her to sign her over to us and we became donkey owners September 2018. She was thrilled to come over and make friends with my horses after being alone for so long. What we didn't know was how much she would turn out to love my young daughter. Her and my daughter ended up sticking like glue to each other. She is so gentle and kind to my daughter where she is typically wary of an adult. She follows my daughter like a lost puppy when she's outside . She is easy to handle, easy to feed, and does not take up much space. Her only drawback is that she tends to bray a lot and usually it is when my daughter is napping. Otherwise she has been an absolute light in our family and so appreciative of our saving her. If I had the space, I would definitely own an entire herd of them. I still recommend people research the animal before getting one as their dietary needs are not the same as a horse. They can get overweight rather easily.

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