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Gentle Billy


+254, Kenya

Posted Jan 26, 2016

I have come to disagree with many people who think that donkeys are stubborn ever since I welcomed Billy into my home. Billy is the most humble animal I have ever owned. This gelding has amazed everyone in my family.
He is a small sized donkey and as a pet, he has endeared both my wife and daughter!

Billy always enjoys being pampered. I have trained him well to be social with people and he can handle petting positively. He is always calm when I am grooming his hair with a brush or when I am cleaning his shed. He is well mannered and enjoys it when we play with him around the compound.

Billy enjoys treats especially when feeding from my palm. He also enjoys spending time alone in the compound as he nibbles around on the grass. I usually let him graze at the pastures and it is amazing how I do not even need to be there be he always has a way of finding his way home. His intelligence amazes me. He knows his sleeping time and wakes everyone in the morning especially as he contemplates his morning treat!

Billy has a very sweet face and he knows our family members. However, he can be grubby around strangers especially when you try to make contact. I always advice guests not to approach Billy from the back side because he kicks when irritated.

I have not had health problems with Billy but I always ensure that his vaccinations are up to date to keep him healthy. I also keep his shed clean, dry and disinfected all the time to keep him free from parasites and disease like pneumonia. I also supplement his diet with minerals and protein feeds to healthy.

Billy is my family's most gentle animal and he we love him. Surely donkeys do not deserve the reputation of being stubborn-They make amazing pets!

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