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Domesticated Feral Donkey Breed


0000, Jamaica

Posted Dec 21, 2015

The ass didn't have a name. He was primarily used for travel through mountainous farming lands to help carry a relative farmer and his goods through various hours. The donkeys were primarily of the feral donkey breeds that roam throughout the Caribbean. Some have been domesticated here.They're very efficient in carrying load, travelling wide and far as well and respond well to being treated with respect. Their hybrids with horses are great for riding and work as well. All asses and jennets from my experience can be rather stubborn so respect and gentle training helps. I would never recommend them as pet or around children unsupervised because I have seen that result to children needing to be hospitalized or on bed rest from antagonizing an ass that just wanted to be left alone or that felt hurt from tugging and poking.
Once trained, they're really sweet and dependable when given their space, proper care and lots of food and water. They're peaceful and don't care for boisterous persons or environments. Under proper supervision they're fun for short rides.
Their milk is good for making soaps for persons with sensitive skin and their skin can be used for gelatin.

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