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Posted Sep 08, 2015

Did you know that Donkeys can make great livestock guardian donkeys?
Its true, I was given the opportunity to adopt/save a homeless donkey. Never having a donkey before I added it to my herd of animals and decided to see how it reacted. Well the results were amazing.
Two weeks after introducing my donkey, Teddy, I found a dead coyote. I knew I had some coyotes but I thought it was curious as it was laying in the middle of my pasture. Another week goes by and another dead coyote. This time its head was flattened, again on pasture. The next evening I went out late to see if I could catch any predators in the act.
Well I ran over to a commotion near my new donkey Teddy. Not sure what I had saw I came in for a closer look. Teddy was again stomping on the face of a fox.
This went on for most of the late fall and winter until, I assume the fox and coyote figured out it wasn't a good idea to come around anymore.
Teddy my new guard donkey scared them off and took on all predators attaching his herd. Since this happened I did a little research and learn that donkeys can act as livestock guardians. It was an amazing occurrence that my adopted donkey, Teddy, turned out to be a guard donkey.
Since then I have placed several other donkeys with homes among my farmer friends with similar success.

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