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Donkey - family friendly, lovely and stubborn


00500, Finland

Posted May 10, 2015

Since I was born my family had a donkey, called Benjamin. And as soon as I could walk, Benjamin was my pet. At the age of 5, my daddy taught me with Benjamin how to ride a horse (or better said: a donkey). At my Birthday parties Benjamin was an attraction for my friends and everybody could ride him. He was very patient and friendly especially with children. He always stayed in a calm and gentle mood, no matter how much noise we made as a bunch of lively elementary school kids at my birthday parties. I think, that donkeys are very family friendly animals.

In many languages there is a saying, that donkeys are really stubborn. That is definitely true in Benjamin's case. Once a friend wanted to take him over to his place, in order to win a bet on a bachelor party, so he came with a horse trailer. But no matter what we did, Benjamin just did not want to go into the trailer. He just did not move even one inch. Still not as we tried to lure him in by bring our pony Anton inside the trailer, who was his best friend.

It is also said, that donkeys are robust and resistant to diseases, that is also true for Benjamin. Nowadays Benjamin is older than me and still in a quite good health condition. He only gained a bit wait and his back is a bit weak, so that nobody can ride him anymore. Since I do not life with my parents anymore, I don't see Benjamin daily anymore, but whenever I come to visit, he still recognizes me and he always reaches out with his head towards the pocket, in which I used to keep horse treats.

Maybe it is important to mention, that my father has a big piece of land, so that Benjamin and his friend Anton had a lot of space to move, to run and to graze, what i think was beneficial for their health. To keep a donkey bigger habitat is required. And based on my experience with Benjamin, I think it is also benifical for donkeys to have companions, like other donkey, ponies, horses or goats.

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