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Florida, United States

Posted Apr 23, 2015

In Tennessee my family has a small 12 acre plot of land that is slowly but surely becoming a farm. First we acquired the ducks, then the donkey Elvis, and then our 17 chickens. Elvis was an unwanted donkey who we found on a Craigslist post, apparently the owner was moving out of state and had no place for him. We of course jumped on this opportunity seeing as we already had a perfect fenced in enclosure. The enclosure was also home to a small wooden building with both of our ducks, Oscar and Felix. A few weeks after getting Elvis we did have an incident. Felix, who often escaped is enclosure to fly around and explore went missing. At first we thought nothing of it since he did venture off from time to time. The next day he was sadly found dead, we thought it was a coyote from the woods, and vowed to keep Oscar in his enclosure at night safe and away from the dangers of the woods. About a week after that, Oscar too was found dead. Elvis was then found with is feathers and a bit of blood on him. We are still not sure how or why this happened. We keep our chickens far away from Elvis now, just as a precaution. Other than that Elvis has been good with us and the dogs, with very minimal aggressive behavior, he can, at times be a bit skittish and will sometimes vocalize to warn us that he wants to be left alone. Overall he just stays in his fenced in area and munches away at the plants and grass, he also enjoys the occasion vegetable medley, especially carrots. Donkeys seem to make decent pets but I would advise you to tread with caution if they will be around smaller animals. We are still learning and doing research on the best donkey keeping practices, but we are enjoying out time with Elvis.

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